Saturday, January 5, 2013

Managing my money-Week 1

I posted earlier this week about needing to be accountable for the things I spend my money on so here goes.

Day 1-Dec 30th
$20 Church tithe
$5 Amazon (Sophie teether, 2 packs of ring links, and a 25ct of wondfo pregnancy tests).  I had gift cards earned through swagbucks which is why my total was so low.

Day 2-Dec 31

Day 3-Jan 1

Day 4- Jan. 2
$40.51 Meijers
This was more than I intended to spend, but I did get some great deals
Milk was free with mperks code.
Juice was 2/4 on sale but I had an mperks for buy 2 get 1 free so I got 3 for $4
I got some more penantal vitamins.  I had a rain check for them for $7, but this week I had an mperks for $1 off vitamins.  I had a jar at home, but was going to get another at that price ($6), but they were buy one get one free so I got 2 jars for $6 and they are normally $10 each and that combined with the vitamins I already had means I am set until April.
I bought some Pom juice also.  It was $1 cheaper than the last store I got it from.  Plus it had an attached $1 coupon off so I got 2 for $6 as opposed to $5 for one at the other store.  I actually also had a .50 coupon but I couldn't double them.
I also had a $10 gift card from Christmas that I used

Day 5- Jan 3

Day 6-Jan 4

Day 7-Jan 5
$9 Hobby Lobby
Christmas floral.  I actually wished I would have bought more because the red one's would have been great for Valentine's day, and I of course didn't think of that until I got home.
Coat/key hook decoration

Weekly Total $74.51

I think I did okay  I almost over drafted though because my online banking was locking me out (not sure why; that's what the actual message said; my password was correct) and couldn't check my balance.  I had to go to the atm to check and I only had $22 so it's a great thing I checked.  I never let it get below $50.


  1. That is neat, Kelly. Remind me to do one for myself. I think having a spending diary can help people keep track of their finances and manage their money. When you have a record or list of what you spend each day, you can determine what to financially prioritize and what aspect you can cut corners on. [Harley Mcgowan]

  2. I'm impressed that you account for every little expense!

    1. I have to or a few dollars here and there are going to add up. :)

  3. Keeping tabs on weekly expenses is really a great way to manage our expenses. We get to compare and see which week costs us more, and decide how to spend on the following weeks based on this report. I agree with you that we have to be accountable for the things that we spend on. =)

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