Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5 weeks

I alternate between waiting for the other shoe to drop and being hopeful I may actually be bringing home a baby this fall.

How far along:  5 weeks

Baby Size:  An appleseed, or a bb (that was a better analogy for my husband the hunter :) )

Weight:  119.2 (down from 122.8)

 Still lots of cramping, sore/ heavy feeling in my boobs (its not really that bad) getting tired more easily, and mild nausea but that's not bad either.  Last night at 8:45 I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I don't know the last time I was that tired, and it was so sudden.  It may be pregnancy related or progesterone related, but I was exhausted.

Maternity Clothes: No

Sleep: I have been getting up a lot at night to pee

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Nothing yet, although sometimes nothing sounds good and I have to force myself to find something to eat.

Belly Button: In

Gender: Unknown.  Rob wants to know, but I don't know if I do.

Name: Unsure.  We have a few we have liked for a while.

Milestones:  Making it farther this pregnancy than in my others.

Looking forward to: My first ultrasound next week, although I'm not really expecting to see anything.  I'll be 6 weeks 2 days by ovulation date, 6 weeks 5 days by date of last period.

What I miss: Not having to stress about every cramp and twinge, and seeing blood every time I go to the bathroom.

Appointments: February 7

Still nervous and getting stressed out.  I wish I could do another blood draw.  And my progesterone prescription was changed from 100 mg vaginally 4 times a day to 200mg orally twice a day.  I suck at taking pills.  I really can't do it; I cough/choke them down.  Taking the pills vaginally I never noticed side effects and now I feel them for sure.  I feel drunk with them and exhausted. 

We had baby dedications at church on Sunday.  It made all teary eyed. :)

5 weeks.  No bump yet. 

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