Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If dreams were real

Then I would totally be knocked up.  I had a dream that I got a positive test on a wondfo at 8dpo (which is what I am at today).  I was laying in bed at my parents house (how did I even get the pee to test it?) and it was such a strong positive I could see it in the dark (huh?).  
I remember being excited because on my previous pregnancies my lines were never that dark, and never really got past faint to be honest (and that really is true).  I tried to be sneaky and wrap it in a tissue/toilet paper to go to the bathroom, but I think my mom knew something was up. She asked me what I was doing and I was like 'oh yeah, um monthly time stuff.  I opened the drawer when the stuff was kept when I was living there, and there were lh surge sticks (which in my dream were pregnancy test strips).  They were long and oval shaped.
I didn't wake up thinking this must be a sign.  In fact, I didn't even test today.  My temp was down from yesterday so I didn't feel the need to.
I suppose it is possible I am, but I highly doubt it.

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