Monday, November 18, 2013

Eleanor is six weeks

I got so used to doing my pregnancy updates on Tuesday's that I'm still in that habit, and I have to remind myself her week changes on Monday's.

Nursing got easier last week.  After taking her to the doctor and learning it isn't a tongue tie and she's just going to have a bad latch I decided I needed to deal with it because I'm not going to quit breastfeeding and I hate pumping for an hour only to get a small amount out. 

Once I forced myself to relax during her latch I realized it wasn't so bad, most of the time anyway. And for a few days it was good, but then it got worse again and I actually took  pain meds because it was so bad.

On Thursday I went to a breastfeeding support group with a friend who has a son 2 days younger than Ellie.  It's free and run by 2 board certified lactation consultants.  One of them helped latch her on and she was on there really deep and it didn't hurt, but I can't seem to get her latched on quite like that.  I might go back actually.

I hear conflicting things on beast feeding.  I hear that it shouldn't hurt, but I also hear people say that it does.

I like the little bond that it is creating.  I love when she holds my finger when she is nursing, and that milk drunk smile I get when she's done.

I'm still trying to put her in newborn onesie's so she can wear them one last time.  They do fit, but I really should move her up into the next size.

She's really developed that grip this last week.  She grabs onto my hair, which sometimes she pulls and my shirt.  And my boobs when I nurse her, which is cute, but sometimes it does hurt.

Eleanor has been sleeping better lately (she's currently napping on me and even though I'm hungry and need to use the bathroom I can't make myself get up).  During the nighttime she will usually sleep a 3 hour stretch before she starts to stir.  She probably would sleep longer, but I usually feed her at that point.  Maybe I don't need to do that anymore and can let her guide when she eats at night.  Any advice on that?

During the day as soon as she starts to make or give cues that she is sleepy, I put her in a sleep sack (if it's a swaddler I still leave her arms out, she doesn't like them in), and if she will take a pacifier I give her that, and put her in the rock n play, or if I think it will work, the crib. Most of the time it works.

My bleeding has stopped.  Actually it stopped a while ago, but I was still spotting, and now that's all done. 

My restless legs/arms has been acting back up this last week. It got so much better after delivery and I'm annoyed it came back.

Rob and I have been going through a little rough patch. I know it's still an adjustment though so I'm not really concerned.  We try to talk it out and come up with a solution or resolution, but it doesn't always happen.  I get annoyed that he is gone hunting or doing hunting related things a lot.  I know he loves to do it, but I had told him multiple times (even before she was born) that I didn't want him to go away last weekend, and he still did it.   I made it through the weekend, but it would have been nice to have him here, just to give me the chance to shower in peace or have a few minutes to myself.

I also get frustrated that when he comes home he holds her, or puts her in the bouncer and watches tv and gets to relax, but I still don't.  I still have to do dishes, and laundry etc... I know that lots of other moms, especially those who work outside the home feel this way also.  I wish I had free time, or at least more of it. 

I don't mean to bash on Rob, because he is helpful with her and he does work hard to provide for us.  And he does do the dishes occasionally or help with dinner if it's been a rough day.  I guess I don't really know what I want from him.


  1. I want to encourage you Kell! I had rough time breast feeding... and I tried oh so hard and refused to give up. Got help from 3 different trained people, but the paint was still there. Pain, bleeding & lack of sleep was not good. I also made the mistake of going back to work a week after having Abby. Keep getting help especially if it's free!! You can do it!!

  2. Does your bf-ing pain last the whole time or just when she first latches? I had awful pain like the first 20 seconds after Lena latched on, but then once she got going it got better. I'm glad you went to the support group. I've heard great things about them. But I know how frustrating it is for the LC to get the baby latched on correctly and then not be able to replicate that at home! We need live-in LCs. :-)

    Love all the adorable pictures!

    1. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it lasts for a while and I have to unlatch her (which is often difficult), and take a break and try again.
      I would love to have a live in lc or at least one on call. :)