Monday, June 3, 2013

Job update

I went to bed Saturday night totally stressing out about money. 

I've mentioned that at the moment we don't need much for the baby (car seat, clothes, diapers are top needs) and I attribute that to contest wins.  

We do need money for the bills that will start rolling in after birth and for the fact that we have car insurance which will be also due around the same time, on top of normal monthly bills. 

I was fortunate to pick up a one day a week job thanks to a family member of Rob's which will cover groceries, gas, and net flix. 

So Saturday night I was laying in bed mentally going over what I can sell, and what meals I can make from what we have.

Sunday I came home from church to a text from my former boss asking if I can watch the kids afternoons this summer.  When I went back to visit in April the mom mentioned it maybe happening.  I sent the mom a text a few weeks ago and didn't hear back, and then I actually visited last week and she said she wasn't sure what they were doing so I seriously started to look for something to get me through the summer. 

So I will work 4 afternoons (about 20 hours a week) which is great, not only for the financial aspect, but I miss those kids, watching them, and then the other day watching the other family all day. 

It will be busy, but I am ready for the chance to add some money to the savings.  I'm not planning on spending much of it however.  I'm looking forward to getting out of the house as well.

And so my lesson in trust and faith was renewed.  It came at a good time because this morning in the mail was a possible bill for labwork for $300+.  I'm going to resubmit it and see what happens. 

For the moment though I'm just going to be happy I can help contribute something again. 

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