Tuesday, June 18, 2013

25 weeks

How far along:  25 weeks

Baby Size:  Cauliflower

Weight:  up another 2lbs this week.  Total 16.5, Waaah!


  • I was doing okay with the restless arms/legs for most of the week and then it started up again Sunday night.  Ugh.
  • Getting lots of pain in the back, hips and butt. 

Maternity Clothes:  I'm pretty sure I need new bra's again, and new underwear.  I guess my butt grew.

Sleep:  I had a couple of 3 hour stretches this last week.  I went back to work last week so I have been exhausted.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  

  • Enjoying pb&j's, but I am out of the homemade jelly I made last year.  I didn't make a lot, but I forgot how yummy it was.  Store bought can't compare.  Luckily strawberry season is starting and  I plan on making lots. Or at least that is the plan.
  • Milk has become a problem with the acid reflux so I can't really drink it anymore. 

Belly Button:  It's getting shallow, but still got a ways to go.  Maybe it will pop out after all. 

Rings on or off: They are starting to get a little snug

Gender:  Girl

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: She was really quiet over the weekend, and I got nervous.  Finally I got a few thumps Sunday night.  Not much, but enough to make me feel better. 

Stretch Marks: I haven't seen any. 

Best moment:  Father's day and spending time with our dad's

Looking forward to:  My best friend will be in town this weekend!  And Rob and I are going to register this weekend.

What I miss:  Sleeping next to Rob.  We sleep in seperate rooms most nights.  I get it, but I like having him next to me.

Labor signs: Some braxton hicks this last week

Appointments:  July 9

Misc.  I passed the glucose test, but my hemogloblin levels came back low so I am on an iron supplement now. Oh and it makes my poop black. Kind of worried me the first time, and the second.  Dr. google to the rescue.  Haha.

I tried organizing baby girl's clothes.  I realized Carter brand 3 month is basically the same as their nb which is good in the sense that I don't really need anymore pants in the 0-3 month range.  Or at least I think so.  I need a lot of tops or onesies in that size range, but I think I'm okay on pajama's and bottoms.  I'm okay on newborn as well.  
The last bag of clothes we got had a adorable jean mini skirt in it.  I'm loving it and can't wait to put it on her.  Rob thinks it will not be appropriate.  So I said "Fine I'll just change her before you get home before work", to which he responded that I'm already teaching her defiance.  Whatever!  :)  She's gonna look super cute in it. 


  1. oh dear -- already parenting arguments :)

    Can't wait to see you and your bump!

  2. Glad you passed your glucose test, but sorry to hear about your iron levels. I hope work goes well and you get some rest.

    Oh and I nominated you for the Liebster Award Come over and check it out!

  3. Congratulations! My wife just had her a baby girl a couple weeks ago and she is doing well! It was when she was pregnant but once I laid my eyes on her, I saw it was worth all the hassle. We moved to Michigan a few months before she gave birth, thank goodness we were able to contact some great moving companies in Michigan, they were a huge help!

  4. Lovely update as usual! Natural ways to get your iron up is to eat tons of parsley and cilantro, and then you wont have to deal with unpleasant side effects ;)

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