Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Glucose Test Fail

(I'm not posting from my computer so I have no clue why the font and formatting is off)

So my plan for today was go to the lab to get the glucose stuff,  drink it, go to my appt and go back for blood work
(the lab & my office are in the same building) and then go to work.

I have a 9:30 appt and get to the lab about 9.  It's pretty busy, lots of of pregnant ladies hanging out, and its nearly
9:30 before I get taken back.

At this point I know I'm going to be late but what can I do? I don't want to come back after the appt and have
to wait another hour for my blood to be drawn.

Did I mention it was the first day of a new job? Or that I said I'd be there between 10:30 and 11?

So they get the drink (I had orange; honestly it wasn't that bad)  I drink it and the lady goes to take my blood.

I always have blood drawn from the same vein because it’s a easy vein and I've never had issues with it.  Apparently
I moved when the lab tech poked my arm and the vein rolled.  I've never had that happen before. So she's trying to
get back to it and then says I'm going to have poke a different vein.  Fine, it's not a big deal I say. She feels bad though.
So she is about to do the second vein when lab tech #2 comes in and says
"Isn't this a one hour draw? Why are you drawing beforehand?" 
Lab tech #1 'says "I thought I was suppose to."
Lab tech #2 "No that's only with a 3 hour draw."
Lab tech # 1 "I'm really sorry"
Me: "It's fine" (and it really wasn't a big deal (I don't have needle phobias); I'm more annoyed I'm late for
nothing), "I'll be back in an hour."

I goupstairs and have my appointment. Heart rate in 140's and measuring 24 1/2 weeks.  So right on track. Yeah!

I'm starting to feel a little nauseous, but I'm fine and go to check out. Then I start to feel really light headed and hot.
I take off my sweatshirt and even say something to the receptionist as I schedule my next appointment.

I barely acknowdge the front desk staff as they say goodbye and walk out and hit the elevator button debating whether
to sit down or just make it down to the lab which I decide is the better option.

The normally empty elevator is full and I don't acknowledge anyone in it and hold my checkout paper over my face trying to cool
myself off somehow.

I'm the first one out and by now I'm nervous because I feel dizzy and my vision is blurry.

I walk into the lab, tell them how I feel and they quickly find me a back room I can rest in.

The rest helps a lot.

Some random man walks in the room not knowing in in there, and quickly walks back out

The lab tech #2 comes to check on me once and then comes back after my hour to draw my blood

Lab tech #3 ends up doing it out if a different arm on the first try.

I'm still feeling a little dizzy but way better. It's 10:40 now.

I leave, and of course the person in front of me has issues leaving the parking ramp, but I make it out, drive as
quickly as I can and make it just as the clock turns 11.

All I can say is I better pass this test because the thought of doing the 3 hour one is making me anxious a little bit.

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  1. Oh my goodness how stressful ... hope all OK now.

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x