Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day


My dad and I share a birthday.  I was born 5 weeks early just to show up on his 30th birthday so we kind of have a unique bond. 
April 2011
Our birthdays in 2007
I'd guess this to be from the early 1990's.

My dad has always been involved in our lives.  And while that seems like an obvious statement  or one to be expected he was really active in participating.

My dad was the one who took us on little mini-vacations during spring breaks while my mom worked.  We went one time up north near Mackinac Island, one year I remember going up to Traverse City area.  Another year we went to the Detroit area.  I remember staying in a pink hotel that looked like a castle that had a tv in the bathroom (not sure why that stands out).

Our 5th grade tradition was to go to Chicago and visit the Museum of Science and Industry.  My dad went with all of us I believe and I still have memories of that trip.

So thank you dad for being so fantastic!

Special shout outs to my father in law for always welcoming me with open arms, my brother in law J who celebrates his first father day this year, and my brother in law C who isn't celebrating his first father's day ever, but his first with his sweet little girl.

And while Rob doesn't consider himself a father yet, a special shout out to him as well just because I think he will be a fantastic dad to baby Eleanor.

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  1. I remember when Ken came to the museum! What a guy! Loved the pics!