Monday, October 15, 2012

Shut the front door.

Got Bfp #2 today!  Praying like crazy that this one sticks.  I just had a c/p last cycle, so I in no way thought it would happen this cycle.
My due date (based on ovulation) is June 28, which makes me 3 weeks 3 days today.

~~~The Story~~~
I tested yesterday at 9dpo (I know it was to early, I was getting antsy), and it was negative.  I decided to test again today at 10dpo.  I thought I saw a line on a wondfo, but it was so faint I wasn't sure.  I checked it before I left for work (35 minutes later, I know it invalidates the test) and there was a faint, but visible line.
I grabbed a frer and took it to work with me.  I tested and within 3 minutes another faint, but clearly visible line showed up.  I could not believe it.  I took a pic and just kept looking at it all day long.  I tested when I got home with a wondfo (another super faint line), and a frer (another line just like before).
Honestly I'm really kind of nervous and scared.  I know if something happens that it isn't my fault and there wasn't anything I could do about it, but I was really sad after the c/p so I  don't want to get my hopes up and get excited, but I am excited.  Shocked it happened so quickly as well.
I had sore boobs at 8dpo and today.  I also had a backache/headache over the weekend, but I don't think that it pregnancy related.  I feel a little icky today (but it's still really early)
Last bfp I didn't really have any symptoms.  I got my barely there squint at it kind of line at 11dpo and a clear positive at 12dpo, so this cycle I got a positive earlier.  
A few weeks ago I won a 8x10 canvas print, but haven't chosen a picture yet.  So when dh finally got home tonight, I said 'hey I figured out what picture I want for the canvas' and showed him a pic of the frer. Then I said 'I'm pregnant again.' I had not even mentioned anything about the 2ww (two week wait; time between ovulation and testing).  I didn't even tell him that I had o'd (only that I thought I might have before it was confirmed).   He said 'awesome' and we hugged.  He's nervous too because of what happened last cycle.


  1. That is so awesome kelli! I'm glad you were able to get your bfp so quickly! Fx that this is your take home baby! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats!!! I'm squeeeing all over the place! So excited to go through this with you! We can get through this together! We're both in the same boat! Come on June bugs!