Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 11-2

(So I've decided that there will be repeats from the weekly wrap up and the weekly baby update.  Otherwise I won't have anything to write about.  So there.... :)  )

1) I won a gift code to tiny prints this week.  I already have her birth announcements so I have to figure out what to use it on.  I'm happy with her announcements (I got them from vistaprint), but tiny prints has some seriously adorable ones. 

2) Eleanor enjoyed her first Halloween.  Or not really and she slept through most of it.  My sister and I took Ellie and Gabe to visit my mom at work, and then later my dad stopped by, my mom came over & my brother in law came over after work and we passed out candy and just hung out.  

Ellie pooped on my mom and blew out her Halloween outfit.  Haha.

3)  The weather here was pretty crummy on Halloween and we had a lot less trick or treaters than normal which meant leftover candy.  Not good when you have baby weight to lose.  Lol.  Other than that the weather was pretty good this week and I took a few walks with the baby and it was really nice to get some fresh air. 

4) Rob's sister and mom both visited this weekend.  They hadn't seen Ellie (other than in pictures) since the hospital so it was nice for them to get to see her again.  I love to show off my sweet girl and natural she is always so good when visitors are over, or even when Rob is home.  When it's just me she is fussy sometimes and I'm sure Rob doesn't believe me that she is fussy.

5) We took Eleanor over to my former boss's house to meet the kids.  I loved getting to see them again, and it was fun for them to meet her.  They don't have a lot of baby experience but the two older girls held her.  Caleb and Cassidy would not.  

6) I went to a baby shower on Sunday for my cousin's girlfriend.  I was a little nervous to bring her around a lot of people but it was okay.  I just limited who held her.  I was a little distracted and wasn't to focused on games or even the gifts she was getting.  She is having a girl so I'm excited for sweet girl to have someone close in age to play with at family get together's.  Not that they happen a lot.  That side of the family doesn't get together very often. 

I was able to get a fun picture with my grandma, mom, and Eleanor.  I have a five generation picture from when I was a baby, but I still think a four generation is pretty cool.


  1. We stopped at your house on Halloween. Was that your sister handing out candy? I sneaked a peek at Eleanor through the window. Rob was holding her and probably thought I was a total creeper! Lol.


    1. I wish I'd seen you guys. I'd have shown off Eleanor and given Lucy extra candy. My sister was helping to pass out candy, I was distracted at times. :). Rob didn't say anything about creepers staring in the window so he probably didn't even notice.