Monday, November 25, 2013

Eleanor's 7 Week Update

One of my favorite pictures of the last week.

We are getting more social smiles out of her.  They were still sporadic but last night she really got them going.  She went for an hour or so just smiling away.  Rob would say things like "Smile if mom's crazy" and she wouldn't smile.  Then I would say things like "Smile if daddy is stinky" and she would smile.  Girl is totally on my team.  I love her!

Speaking of her being on my team I feel bad sometimes because Rob says she doesn't like him to hold her.  He can set her on the bouncer or lay on the bed with her and she is happy, but she just doesn't like to be held.  She'll be crying and I'll hold her and she'll stop more often than not.  I think it's normal for babies to prefer their moms (especially since I nurse her)

She slept Saturday night from about 10:30-3:30. We were at a friends and she fell asleep after I nursed her, stirred a little when she got in the car seat, and when we took her out.  I tried to nurse her around 1 put she didn't wake up so I let her sleep.  Finally I was able to nurse her around 3:30.  I think she would have slept longer had I let her.  I didn't because of the clogged duct issues (see below)

Last night I nursed her around midnight and didn't nurse her again until 6am.  That was the second night in a row she got a good stretch of sleep.  I didn't feel any more rested though because I still got up a few time (out of habit to use the bathroom).

Rob took her over to my brother in laws on Saturday.  My sister was gone shopping so Ellie & Rob hung out with my brother in law and our seven month old nephew.  They were gone probably 4 1/2 hours.  I've never been away from her for more than an hour and half ( only once) and total time maybe 3 hours so while it was nice, I really missed her.  Like really missed her.  I couldn't wait for her to get home.  

It still is painful on the left side.  It's always been that side that has been the side that hurts the most.  Occasionally the right side does, but not nearly as often.

I went back to the breastfeeding support group on Thursday.   I'm trying to latch her like they showed me but it's difficult trying to hold my breast and latch her on.  Big boobs are not all people think they are.

I had a clogged duct again on Friday night.  I only slept a few hours the whole night because I was up in pain most of the night.  I couldn't get her to nurse and I couldn't pump.  I also seem to have a hard time with hand expression.  I even looked up you tube videos on tips at 4 am.  I left that screen open on the computer and when Rob saw it I had to explain why I was looking it up. 

I did get the correct size flanges for my pump and it made a world of difference.  I pumped 5 1/2 oz Saturday morning in 25 minutes.  On Thursday I pumped 5 oz in 1 hour 15 minutes.  And since that was the only thing different I can assume that's what did it.  I knew that I had the wrong size ones.  The ones that come standard with the pump weren't working.  I tried a larger size that I borrowed from my sister (they are plastic so it's not really gross to share).  Those didn't work and finding the smaller size was difficult.  I checked several stores and finally had to order them online.  Luckily my sister has amazon prime account so it only took a few days to arrive.

I had my six week check up last week.  My incision scar looks great, and I have no restrictions anymore. I brought Eleanor so that I could show her off and my ob made a comment about it being her first ob/gyn appointment.  That was a little weird and awkward. Lol. 

I'm sort of going to miss going because I really liked all the nurses.  Even though my ob was very much a to the point, get in, get out kind of doctor, I liked him too.

Lots of pictures!  She wore the same outfit twice this last week because it was cute so there are a lot of pictures with her in the vest and jeans. 

My other favorite picture of the week.
Watching Tv already
Aunt Ali
Uncle Jared
Eleanor is only 2 days older than Liam.

Nana Urban
Aunt Lisa

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