Monday, November 4, 2013

4 week update

(Now that she's almost a month, should I switch to monthly updates or keep up with the weekly ones?)

We got out and walked as often as we could this last week and it made a huge difference.  I felt so much better afterwards.  Eleanor liked it enough to sleep the whole time.

I put the newborn sized cloth diapers on her this week.  They are snug.  It was the first time she'd worn them.  I shouldn't have waited so long to put them on her, so it's a good thing the only ones I bought were the two grovia all in ones.  I think I can maybe get one more use out of them.  So they were a little expensive per use.

Speaking of newborn size, some of her newborn sized clothes are starting to get a little snug on her.

I'm pretty sure she's been giving more social smiles lately.  As in she's awake and we are talking to her and she smiles. She's also starting to make some little cooing noises.  They are super cute sounding.

Ellie is still having latching issues and I flinch every time she latches on my left side.   I don't feel my letdown either but I can hear her gulping so there must be some milk flowing.

Pumping took a dive and I am having a hard time getting milk out.  I know that what I pump doesn't really mean that's what I produce, but Rob likes giving her bottles (and she's doing pretty well with them), and I want to have a stash (I probably have 30-40 oz).  It's really frustrating to sit there holding the thing for half an hour and not get a single drop.

I actually gave her a bottle last night for the first time.  I've been having Rob do it because I heard having someone else do it was the best, but he was tired and wanted to go to bed, and it was milk I had thawed out from the freezer so it had to be used up. It was a little strange for me to feed her that way.  We've tried a lot of different bottles to see what works best for her. I've used medela (regular and calma), mam (these didn't work so well; I think the flow was to fast), tommee tippe (she liked these), avent, and a gerber nuk.  Washing bottle parts and matching them up and assembling them is kind of a pain, but I want to have variety right now in what she will take.

Rob is going hunting next weekend and I'm not happy about it.  He's gone out every weekend (I think; I don't know if he went out the first weekend we were home), but he's only gone five or so hours.  Not that I'm happy about that either because it's on weekends (usually he goes out Saturday and Sunday nights) when I want to be able to have a break.

Next Friday is opening day of rifle season (currently is bow), and because of the way it falls Rob wants to go up Thursday (to my parents cabin an hour and a half away), after work which means he will be gone from the time he leaves Thursday to Sunday afternoon.

I know I can have help, my sister offered to let me stay at her house (my brother in law will also be gone hunting), but I feel like Rob should be here because he's the dad, and why would he want to be away from her for that long anyway?

So that's my little vent.

I'm still having some food aversions.  Rob got sweet and sour chicken yesterday and I couldn't eat it, or at least much of it.

My restless leg issues pretty much went away after she was born, but I notice it start to come back a little bit after I've been sitting nursing her for a while.  It hasn't gotten horrible though.

I think I've got about 10 lbs to go to get back to pre baby weight, but I'm not rushing it.  I gained about 35  and I've lost about 25.  For some people breastfeeding helps the drop the weight, but it hasn't yet for me.  Although that could also be from all the Halloween candy I've been eating.  Oops.

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