Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Eleanor Update: week 11

Breastfeeding: It was a pretty good week, I did cut back on pumping and skipped 3 days, so it took a little longer to pump Monday.  

My right breast will do this thing were it will leak randomly for a few days and then be good for a week or two.  I can't predict it at all.

Eleanor: I'm trying to get more of a sleep routine started. Usually after she nurses around 8 or 9 pm I put her in a sleep sack and put her in the rock n play.  It might take her  little while to fall asleep, but she usually doesn't cry.

The day time naps are still unpredictable.  Some days she will nap for 2 hours (although she stirs often during that time), and some days she will be crying after 45 minutes.   As long as it's not a scream, I will leave her there. I usually do have her nap in the crib and she does pretty well with it.  I make sure she's in sleep sack because I think that helps her feel a little more cozy in the big crib. 

She's still obsessed with her hands.  Even if I do swaddle her with them in, she will bust them out.  I've woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of her sucking on them.  If she's not sucking on them she's staring at them.  

She's pretty smiley in the mornings, and while still sporadic she's laughing a little more now.  She almost always has a big smile for Rob when he get's home and he loves it.  I think it's pretty adorable too.  Girl loves her daddy! 

I've noticed her pants are beginning to get short again and her jammies are getting snug.  Time to move up to the next size already?  Her onesies are still fine though. 

Me:  Still doing alright, ready to get back in shape and tone up my stomach a little, but at the same time lacking motivation. And what little free time I get I don't want to spend it working out.  My weight is within 5 pounds of pre-pregnancy and has been for a while. 

The restless legs still happen sometimes, usually when I've been sitting nursing her. 

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