Monday, December 16, 2013

Eleanor's 10 week post

She's gotten much better at burping lately.  I can usually get a burp out of her within a few minutes.

She had her 2 month appointment this week.  She got her shots.  I might have come 'this close' to crying.  My eyes did get watery.  That moment where they first poked her and she got that stunned look on her face and then started screaming was so sad for me.   I know she needs the vaccines, but I hated it.  I gave her a few doses of tylenol that day, but nothing at all the next day, and she's been fine.

She was 11 lbs 6 oz, which is up 6 oz from 5 days before.  She's in the 50% for weight and head, and the 75% for height (she was 23').

She usually sleeps better at night, and I'm starting to try to get her to bed earlier.  I wanted to see how long she would sleep without waking her to nurse (even though that made me nervous, because of my clogged duct issues) and I nursed her one night at around 11, she was up for a little while and fell asleep around midnight, and I nursed her again when she started fussing at 4:30.  I think she actually would have slept longer if it had been closer to her last nursing time.

I say usually because it seems as soon as she kind of gets a routine down she switches it up.  Yesterday afternoon and night she.would.not.sleep.  She'd comfort nurse, fall asleep, I'd let her lay on the nursing pillow of snuggle on my shoulder for a while, but as soon as I put her down she would wake up and cry. Without fail.

The girl loves to suck on her hands.  All day she does it.  It must be her comfort thing since she won't take a pacifier except on rare occasions.

I had started to re-swaddle her with arms in a few weeks ago, but over the last few days she will not have it.  It's a bummer because she was sleeping pretty well at night.

We had our infant dedications at church.  I don't have any pictures because my camera decided not to work and my friend wasn't able to really get any on her phone (although I really do appreciate the effort Jen).  So if anyone has some I'd love to see them.  It was a little disappointing that none of our family showed up.  They were invited and some said they would make it but no one did.  There were 3 other babies being dedicated and they all had extended family there (grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc... and they aren't attendees of our church).
A group shot with extended families (the best she could get).  We are in the center (I'm in all black, Rob is to my left)

So I write these posts throughout the week usually.  On Friday I wrote the following sentence. 

This week was a little better, but every time I say that then I get another clogged duct or something happens, so I've gotta stop saying stuff like that.

On Saturday I got clogged duct number 5.  No joke.  That really happened. Thankfully this one wasn't nearly as bad as the others. But on Saturday I was also dealing with being sick (fever, headache, chills, etc...) so it was still rough.

At the doctors before the appointment
Busting out of the swaddle

This weeks favorite picture. Ironically she has an 'I love mommy' shirt on.

Outtakes from our weekly photo shoot

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