Monday, December 9, 2013

The 9 Week Update

Last week was a really rough week for it.  I got yet another clogged duct (that makes 4; same side) and trying to nurse through that was rough, and then we had latch pain.  I didn't really nurse her on that side for 2 days.  I was in tears on multiple occasions, couldn't sleep from the pain, and was really considering if it was possible to only nurse on one side.  

I'm so thankful for that breastfeeding support group though.  I went and while the lactation consultant helped latch her on, it was still painful.  Basically I just had to get through it, and with the help of pain meds left from recovery (I'm talking the good stuff, although I didn't abuse them, just so you don't think I did, lol) I did get through it.

There is still some pain when she latches, but on a scale of 1-10, I'd say a 3.  Before I would have said an 8 or 9.

I tried the side lying position.  It was fine for her nursing on the right side but nursing her on the left while lying was just a little more uncomfortable.  That was the side that I was hoping would work out since that's what the lc's recommended.

Rob took her over to my sister and brother in laws on Saturday because I had plans and wanted to not have to bring her.  He fed her a bottle before he left and brought one.  It wasn't out long enough to be a problem, but he was very nonchalant about dumping it.  Like if it's bad we will just dump it. No Rob, you didn't spend an hour sitting awkwardly forward holding a bottle to your boob while a machine pumps.  Ugh!


Eleanor has a doctors appointment tomorrow.  It's her two month appointment and she's getting shots.  I'm going to cry.  Pretty sure I already am crying.  I know it's necessary, but I just think about how she is most likely going to react and I hate that I'm going to bring pain to her on purpose.  I'm sorry Ellie!

When we were doing the side lying position on my bed she fell asleep on her side.  I left her there for a minute, I was still in the room, while I was putting away laundry.  I picked her up and put her on her back in her crib, and when I turned on the camera she was on her side.  So I went back in, put her on her back again, and she rolled back to her side.  First time she had done any rolling.   She also wasn't in a sleep sack which I think was a big part of the reason she was able to.  I was nervous to have her on her side so I was constantly watching the monitor.

I'm at the point where I really need to get serious about finding a job.  I haven't worked since end of August.  The plan all along was to get through the holidays and then find something.  We aren't struggling to pay bills, but there isn't really extra money, and with winter comes more expenses; from Christmas to higher heating and energy costs.  Ideally a child care job would be the best since the thought of leaving my sweet girl gives me mild anxiety, so something that I can do in home or bring her with me would be needed.  And I want something part-time. Like half days or a few full days.

On a positive note, since I rarely leave the house, my gas costs have gone done, I haven't had to get an oil change in almost 4 months (and probably won't need one until February) so general maintenance costs are down.

She rolled over on her own

Smiling after spitting up on me
Fell asleep during tummy time
Stare down
Sporting the Michigan hat, much to my dad's dismay
My camera phone attempt at a under the Christmas tree shot. 
Getting love from cousin Traverse.
Spoiled by Aunt Lisa.  

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