Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mallory 3 Months

Sweet Mal gal is 3 months and 2 days (I'm a little late, lol!) aka 1/4 of the way to a year.  I did get the picture taken in time, just didn't get the post all the way done. 

She's smiling a lot and likes to 'talk.'  It's really really cute when she does it to her stuffed animals or a picture of Eleanor on the wall.. 

She's starting to outgrow her 3 month pajamas and pants.  Onesies are generally okay.

Some of the one size cloth diapers fit so I've been trying to work them in more,  otherwise I have been using the size 1-2 from Sam's club. 

Using my super accurate method of weighing her put her at 12.6 lbs.  (She was just in a clean diaper so I think it's pretty close)

I bought a used bumbo floor seat last week, and although she's sat in it for a minute or two (with us sitting right there) she's not totally ready for it, but I would think in the next few weeks she will be better with the head control. 

She's sleeping pretty well at night.  One 6 hour stretch and then a 2-3 hour one.  Naps are a little tougher and a little less consistent but usually 3-4 a day. 

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