Thursday, April 7, 2016

Eleanor's 2 1/2 year Update

Since my last update Eleanor has become a big sister.  She's rocked it and been so amazing.  I'm so proud.  The only time there has been any sort of jealousy or acting annoyed is when I've been feeding Mallory and she wants me to get her a snack right then.  Otherwise she is awesome and I often walk back into the living room to see her trying to hug Mallory or covering her up with a blanket.  She's got a really kind and generous heart.

With that being said, she has gotten a little bit of sassiness the last few weeks.  I don't think it's bad at all though and really it happens if I tell her no or not right now and comes out when she responds "I don't like it when you say that."  It's actually hard not to laugh at that.  Toddlers tell it like it is!

She has no interest in potty training yet.  She has training pants and underwear and a cute little potty seat, but just wants her diapers.  Once or twice a week I can bribe her to just sit on it but that's about it  Honestly it's frustrating because she will more often than not wake up in the morning dry and then when she does get changed immediately (within 5-10 minutes) pee so much she will soak through her diaper and pants.  And other times she will say she peed and she has.  But with a new baby I haven't wanted to push it.  Once it eventually warms up I think I will because she can just be in a diaper.

The diapers are a size 4 in disposable or one size in cloth.  She wears a 2t/24 month in clothes and shoes are somewhere in the 5-7 range.  I think 5-6 fits best.  Last time she got on the scale she was around 25lbs and I haven't checked her height since her 2 year appointment.  I should probably know these things but I don't.  Mom fail.

I'm not sure if we had transitioned into her big bed at my last update but we did that at the begining of the year (so almost 27 months).  She did well with that and has only gotten out of bed maybe two or three times.  She sleeps 9-10 hours a night, and if she does take a nap, which is hit of miss that's usually between 90-120 minutes.

She can identify most letters correctly, although I haven't really practiced the whole sounds thing.

She can count although I'm not sure how high.  I'm guessing between 10-20 since I've head some of those teen numbers

She speaks very well.  It's not just mom pride talking.  I've been told this by several people, family and non family.  She has a good vocabulary, and is pretty clear when she speaks.  Even a year ago she was saying things like (where did the toot toot go?).

She loves to play with her blocks the most I think.  This encompasses her mega blocks, wooden blocks & her bristle blocks.  Also almost every single time we go outside she has to pick up sticks

She's obsessed with Daniel Tiger, and because there is a song for everything it seems like, I'm okay with that. Also obsessed with these chuchutv surprise egg videos on youtube.  They are so weird though. lol

Her favorite song is Bless the Lord (Oh my Soul).  Her favorite color is green.

She's starting to figure out the concept of jumping by using both feet.  Still funny to watch.  I feel like she's a bit clumsy though and trips over her feet often it seems.  But usually just inside so maybe it's the carpet/rug (or the maze of toys in the living room)

She loves to eat strawberries, green beans, carrots, chicken nuggets, ham, and cheese sandwiches (but they must be called a grilled cheese even if it's not).  She's got a bit of a sweet tooth and I can't trick her by saying something I eat isn't a treat.  I have to wait until she's distracted or share.

She's really a good eater though.  She will usually try anything.

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