Friday, April 15, 2016

12 week update ~Mallory~

She's usually sleeping close to a 6 hour stretch her first stretch on the night.  Then it might be another 3 hours before she's waking up again.  It still takes her a while to settle down at night, although lately she's 'usually' asleep between 9:30/10.  That's better than the 11/11:30 it was before.

Going pretty well although she's definitely shortened her feed times, and they were already short.  I'm not feeling uncomfortable though so I don't worry about it. She has had a couple times where she's been latched on for a good 30 minutes but as far as actively sucking that only lasted a maybe ten minutes.  

I nursed her in the backyard yesterday.  Eleanor didn't want to come in and she was hungry so I did what I had to do.  We do have three neighbors but one side has some bushes on it, and while not a huge yard, and someone probably could see what I was doing they would have to be at the fence to even really see any breast so I didn't care to much.  I know some people are gung ho about nursing uncovered in public.  I don't care if someone does it.  Doesn't phase me.  BUT I'm not super comfortable nursing uncovered.  I have a larger chest and find it harder to not show breast, and I don't like covers because it's harder to latch her and she bats at it anyway.  So while I have nursed uncovered (at baby wearing group, and obviously breastfeeding group), it's not something I like to do.  So yesterday was a first. 

I don't know if I mentioned it last week, but she loves sucking on her hands.  It drives me nuts because I hate that sound, but it's her comfort thing.  It could be a hunger thing at times, but sometimes it's just comfort.  She won't take a pacifier so if that helps her I'll go with it.

She poops like once a week; not that I'm worried because Eleanor was the same way.  

She's been super smiley this week and I love it. Like melt my heart love it.

She had a few rough days when I was gone to church (Rob was sick so I kept her home with him) and when I went to the store.  She hates bottles and it stresses me out.  Today is our anniversary and we are going out and I'm nervous about it. 

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