Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mallory 2 Month Update

Two months just flew by.  How is it that I can remember her birth like it was yesterday but it was two months?

She's out of newborn diapers and into size 1.  She's starting to fit into some of the cloth diapers we have so I've been using those more because she freaks a little bit if she's the slightest bit wet usually.  So changing her 3 times in an hour sometimes can get expensive with disposables. And since I have to wash the cloth ones anyway for Eleanor it's not really any more work.

She's also out of newborn clothes except for a few random pieces that may be cut bigger.

She usually is up 2-3 times a night (considering that 11-7 ish because that's my night) but goes one 3-4 hour stretch at the beggining.   She is in the rock n play at night and will be for a few more months at least.   I have been sporadically having her nap in the crib though.  In part because I want her to be used to it, but also because Eleanor won't get in her face as much.

She's started giving real on purpose smiles as well as the random ones also.

I'm hearing more noises that aren't cries.  Those adorable little coos and what almost sounds like a laugh.

Her grip is getting stronger and she's starting to hold onto my shirt, my hair, this oball toy she has.

She's also batting at her hanging toys on the playmat a little.

Still having projectile spit up once or twice a week.
I weighed her using my super accurate method (weighing myself holding her and not holding her) this morning and judging by that shes almost 12 1/2 lbs.   Still no clue on length.  She was supposed to have her checkup Thursday but I rescheduled it because of a big snow storm predicted.   And now it's supposed to miss us and just rain.  So not until next week will I know.

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