Friday, March 25, 2016

9 week update ~ Mallory

Still going well.  I had a clogged duct this week and then another day I was super engorged and she wouldn't nurse.  Had a few episodes where milk was squirting and getting on her face before I realized and could stop it (it's so infrequent for me that I don't think about it; I know it's all the time for others).

Wednesday night I fed her around 10:30 then again at 3 and 6:45 and while she didn't go back to sleep after that last, and I didn't feel any more rested than normal she slept well.

Daytime sleep is all over usually.  She takes 3-4 naps a day, but depending on where she's napping (car, swing, crib) effects how long she sleeps for. She sleeps the longest in her swing (not on usually because batteries are dead) or in a moving car/cart/stroller. 

Still having some projectile spit up.  Last night it was enough to make a puddle on the counter (because I was holding her trying to give her medicine), soak her clothes, mine and when I set her on the floor so I could get her changed she spit up again and with force to make it land a foot away. 

Then today she did it once she was in her car seat, although thankfully we were still home! 

She had her two month check up yesterday.  She's 12lbs, 22 inches and still has a 90% head. 

She's getting stronger at holding up her head, and she's starting to make some more cooing sounds and giving smiles more (last week was the first)

As for me, I'm struggling a bit.  I know right now I need to take the time to snuggle and play with the girls but the stress of trying to keep house and get stuff done by myself is overwhelming me.  I hate feeling like I've done nothing all day.  And I know I have two young kids; I just feel like I'm being unproductive when it's 5:30 and I have gotten few chores done.  Like what have I been doing?  Am I just not being very good at time management.  Today I'm skipping nap so I can write this post and 'try' to catch up on some cleaning stuff. 

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