Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eleanor Update 27 months

It's been a few months so it's time for an Eleanor update but it's a short one since I can't remember things apparently. 

  • Moved her into her big bed and room new year's day.  She's been doing awesome with staying in her bed.  
  • She sleeps better now I think. At night anyway  Usually until 8 am although that's not a given.  Usually she will sleep 11 ish hours at night.  Naps are maybe half the time, but she will usually play quietly in her bed at least. 
  • Loves to sing.  Favorite songs to sing are "10,000 reasons: Bless the Lord" & "Jingle Bells" 
  • Wearing 2t/24 month clothes, a size 4 disposable diaper (when we aren't in cloth)
  • She's been around the 25-27 pound mark for a while.  Not sure how tall she is. 
  • Favorite tv show by far is Daniel Tiger.  She also likes Curious George and the movie 'Frozen'
  • Still rear facing with no plans to change that. 
  • Loves to eat frozen waffles, fruit snacks (and also her gummy vitamins), apples, donuts, tater tots. 

  • She likes to color and play with play-doh 

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