Friday, November 6, 2015

Buttons Cloth Diapers Review

One of the very first cloth diapers I used on Eleanor was from Buttons.  I actually had the opportunity to review them when she was a newborn (see it here.)

These diapers are one of the ones I recommend the most when people ask me about diapers.  They are easy to use (a cover with a snap in insert) and are an affordable way to cloth diaper.   The covers are $11 for solids and $12.50 for prints.  Inserts range from $10.50 (for a 3 pack of microfiber) to $23.25 (3 pack of hemp/cotton).  So if you reuse a cover more than once by changing the insert- which I do as long as it's just wet and not dirty - it's a good affordable option. 

Since that first review I've acquired several more covers and inserts when Eleanor needed a bigger size.  

And with a new baby on the way I want to get even more.  I don't really need any more diapers, BUT.... I could totally justify it by saying that since these worked early on and still are working I can get a good 2 years out of them and make it worth it.   And there is the fact that Rob has said I can get some more if this baby is a boy.  When he said that I was a little surprised, but ready to spend all the money, lol!

So  getting back to the diaper, I was sent a microfiber insert as well as a hemp/cotton one.  I've tried the microfiber before and just like with those, this one was no different.  It absorbed well even after one wash cycle.   The hemp/cotton was actually a new experience.  Again I didn't prep this one as long as was recommended because I'm impatient, so I didn't leave it on as long as I may have but I liked it.  Converting to natural fibers is a goal of mine for this next baby. 

I apologize for the picture quality.  Eleanor didn't want to sit for pictures (can't blame her-she is 2), so I hope they are enough to convey how it fits. 

It fits well with no gaping at the thighs and back.   I have used this cover a few times now (with several insert changes each change), and have yet to experience leaking.  She hasn't had a dirty diaper in it yet (surprisingly since that's usually the first thing she does with a new diaper-lol), but I'm confident it would hold in any mess (and her poops range from peanut butter to ploppable to the loose ones that I'm thankful are held in).

I've tried both the microfiber and hemp/cotton blend inserts and after several washes the absorbency has improved- which is why they say to wash it several times first. 

As far as trimness it actually is pretty trim as you can see in the pictures above and below (and it totally looks like she's posing). 

Overall, I love these diapers.  They come in lots of adorable colors and prints (the one I reviewed was MIDNIGHT), and have several insert options (two sizes, doubles and different materials).  I would (and do) recommend them to anyone cloth diapering- especially those on more of a budget).

To see all their product offerings and to order check out their site here

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  1. Thank you for this review! It helped me so much to understand everything and to know they look pretty trim on even a 2 yr old :)

  2. I like how trim they are and MIDNIGHT is a pretty color.