Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eleanor's 10 Month Update

Lots of fun and adorable new tricks this month as well as increasing difficulty in taking pictures. 

She waves and understands what it means.  For example Rob walked into her room this morning to say hi when I was changing her and as soon as she saw him she waved. 

Also she can say "hi" and "dada"  together. So she's using a 2 word sentence.  This week she's started to say a few more words/sounds like "bye" "uh oh" and I feel like she said book.

She can clap now.  It's so adorable when she does something and claps and smiles.  The morning after she learned I nursed her and the she clapped.  Hilarious. 

She's pulling up on anything that she can.  And anything under 3 feet is in her danger zone.

She learned this week about the drop it game. You know the one where she drops something and I pick it up.  That's a whole ton of fun.

She's a smart little girl.  The other day she woke up and was sitting in her crib babbling away.  Normally she doesn't wake up like that, and when I looked in on her she had a little plastic toy.  I couldn't figure out how she got it.  Then I realized that she had reached through her crib slats into a little container of toys between it and the changing table, and pulled it out (and it was a reach) and into her crib (also impressive because she had to navigate the crib slats).

And when she knows she's about to do something she shouldn't she will look over to see if you are watching and then grab for the ipad or whatever it is she's trying for. But if you give her the iphone she just lights up and is so happy.

She figured out last weekend that she can walk behind a toy.  It started with a diaper box and then we borrowed a toy walker from my sister in law and she is so proud of herself. 

She's stood on her own a couple times for like a second, but infrequently and inconsistently.

She still loves books.  I try to read them to her, but she's constantly turning the pages on me.  And only board books since she likes to rip up magazines and catalogs.

Still in size 3 disposable diapers, mostly at night though  I almost always use cloth and since I do almost all the diaper changes that's what I use.

Clothes range from 6 month -12 month onesies.  I put her in a 12 month romper (the one in her picture above) and it fit.  Which was good because she has some really cute 12 month ones that I didn't think we could use.  So when she peed through it (because she napped longer than expected today her cloth diaper didn't hold it) I put on a different 12 month one.  Pants and shirts are usually 12 month or they are belly shirts and capri's.

She nurses 6-8 times a day, and eats solids at least once a day.  Mostly because I forget sometimes.  She loves almost everything she's tried, but has't seemed to love grapes.  I've heard you have to try something 20 times so I keep offering them when I have them.

No new teeth this month that I know of.  She doesn't let me check.

Sleep was getting better and naps more consistent, but the last few weeks she regressed back to catnaps.  She did however nap an hour and half today so that was good.

She's still such a happy easy going baby who loves to be around other people.  She waves whenever she sees someone on a walk, at the store etc...
I'm sad that my baby is growing up but I'm excited by all these new milestones as well.

For more updates, I'm working on getting the tab at the top of the page update.  I think it's updated with pregnancy but I'm going to get her first year updates on there as well.  Stay tuned. 

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