Thursday, August 14, 2014

9 & 10 Month Favorites

There wasn't enough new things we used to make a nine month favorite edition so I'm combining this month. Here they are.  Do you have any things you would add?

1) Nuby molds.  These are a perfect way to get her to take purees.  She likes table food, and usually she get's that, but sometimes I like her to have veggies or fruit in more natural (read less additives) form so I freeze some in these and she enjoys it.  It keeps her occupied for a few minutes (but she does chow them down quickly).  

2) Momma cup.  Every time we've used this cup in public I've gotten questions about it.  It's one of the few that she has figured out. And when looking up the link to this product I learned they have a straw version which is awesome.

So I don't have a picture of her drinking from it, and this isn't even that good
of a picture anyway, but at least it's in the picture. :)

3) Playskool Vacuum
She's been so into the vacuum when I do it (and the floors have never been cleaner-ha) so I was looking at garage sales for one, and then my sister in law gave Ellie one she had got her her.  She didn't even know of Ellie's love of the vacuum so it was great.
The vacuum talks (and actually says some pretty funny things) although the eye moving kind of creeps me out.

4) Tylenol/Motrin
She's been so fussy, but no new teeth that I've noticed have popped through.  We give her a little bit of this on the nights where she wakes back up in pain (or so we think that's why) within an hour of going to bed.

5) Ergo
I used this here and there since she was born, but since learning how to back carry last month I've been using it a ton.  It's still sometimes tricky to get her in/out because I'm concerned about the carrier not being high enough on her back.  I can usually get it though- but still always check to be sure.

Picking Blueberries


6) Groovebook:  This is an app and for $2.99 a month you get a book of up to 101 pictures from your phone.  The quality is a little lower but I've gotten two books and still think it's totally worth it. If you want to try it out use the code URBAN164 and you can try it for free! And on a random note the covers are different each month and are fun prints.

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