Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 1/5

1) Last weekend we went out to lunch with a cousin of Rob's.  We had a gift card so we lunch was free and it was nice to not have to make a meal.  Other than breakfast once with friends it was the first time I'd been out to eat really. It's not entirely relaxing though since I still have to scarf food before Eleanor get's fussy.  Fun fact about the restaurant that we went to is the owner and my grandparents used to be neighbors.  This is the grandparents who lived on Eleanor street where Eleanor's name comes from.

2) For New Years I went to my sisters and meet Rob there (he was hunting with my brother in law).  We had pizza and hung out and then we were home around 9/9:30 ish.  Eleanor was awake when I got there around 5 and other than a nap (I assume she was sleeping) on the car ride home she didn't go to bed until after 11 pm.  She was up pretty much for 6 hours.  So I was about in tears from exhaustion and trying to get her to sleep.  She was fed, bathed, had a clean diaper on.  Nothing worked.  That was the very first time I can ever remember not being up at midnight.  And Rob didn't make it either so we both missed the new year turning over.  Hello 2014!

Eleanor after we got home.

3) On New Years Day I went over to my parents for dinner and to watch the rose bowl (my dad is a MSU alumni!) with my siblings and Gabe & Ellie (Rob and Jared were hunting again; last day!).  30 minutes after I got there it was meltdown central.  Took her to a quiet room, nursed her, and got her calmed down.   Rejoined everyone.  Then a little bit later she had another meltdown.  Cue another nursing session.  I'm beginning to think she hates my family.  Okay not really, but I think my dad and brother are to loud and she  I don't know what else it could be. 
My mom and Eleanor

4) My other nephew and niece were over for a little while on Thursday while my sister in law had a dentist appointment.  I love seeing my niece because her and Eleanor are almost exactly a year apart (2 days short) so wherever she is at developmental is like a little glimpse to next year for me. 

5) We are expected to get super cold temps starting tonight.  Like regular temps at 0 or below and windchills up to -30.  I really wish I would have gone grocery shopping now.  But I do keep an emergency kit in the basement with a couple days worth of canned goods and water even though I'm pretty sure I won't need to touch that.  I should however update the emergency kit to include stuff for Eleanor (diapers, clothes for her etc...)

6) For Christmas Rob got me a remote starter for Christmas.  He's spent almost all weekend attempting to install it, and it's still not done (not complaining; I'm not going anywhere with those frigid temps).  He's getting stuck on one part.  I'm feeling bad that he's been working so hard on it. So I'm hoping he takes a break and then will not be so frustrated, but he's the kind of person who doesn't like to quit. Although once he get's it done I will be thrilled.  We have a garage, but it only has room for one car. Since I rarely leave the house it makes sense for Rob to have it, but when I do leave, I have to put Eleanor in the bouncer or get her all set in her car seat, clean off the car and start it, come back in, get the diaper bag/purse/whatever else I need and take that out and then get her buckled up if needed and take her out.  It would make it a little easier to have a warm(er) car.  

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