Monday, January 20, 2014

The Eleanor Update: Week 15

She was doing pretty well with sleep -I'd nurse her and put her down around 8:30/9 and she'd be good for the next 4-5 hours- but  not so much anymore. All weekend (Friday, Saturday & last night) she didn't get to bed until after 10.  Last night Rob got her down a little after 8, she slept for about 30 minutes then woke up crying.  I nursed her, she slept for a couple minutes, and woke up crying again.

This is a new challenge, but once she finally goes down for the night she's pretty good.

Last night I decided to not wake her up to eat like I usually do to see how long she would sleep and prayed I wasn't going to feel super full and uncomfortable.  She slept 6 hours.  Of course I was up twice and then woke up at 7 feeling really uncomfortable and had to pump.  Which stunk because she's up at 8,

On the plus side she took an hour plus nap yesterday which is not the norm for her at all.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed because we have nothing close to a schedule.  I'm flexible on times generally, but every day seems so different from the day before and I feel like I can't predict anything.

Still going well.   I was nervous when Rob took her for a few hours over the weekend, even though I fed her on one side and pumped the other as close to the time her left as I could, but she didn't eat much when they were gone so she was hungry enough to eat on both sides which she usually doesn't.

That's part of the reason I don't like to be away from her for to long.  Pumping isn't easy for me like it is for some people.  I can do pretty well on the right side if I pump shortly after getting up.  I only ever pump that side, and I try to block feed overnight on the days I need to pump, which is only a couple days a week.  I usually can get about 4-5oz and it takes 30 minutes.  But that's about the only successful pump session I can get, so I can't 'just pump' like Rob thinks.  

That plus the fact she only eats on one side could mean problems.  For example say she eats every 2 1/2 hours. So she nurses on the right at 1 pm, the left at 3:30 and then the next nurse session is skipped (which she takes a bottle for) at about 6 (that would be right again). Then she nurses on the right at 8:30 so I went 7 1/2 hours, and then she goes to bed and doesn't get up until 1 is because I woke her.  That's 10 hours on one side, and it's really tough to 'catch up'

So basically it's just a lot easier to be with her and nurse her.

Misc: I was deleting some older pictures off my phone because I had no more room, and realized I only have two bare belly pregnancy shots.  I wish I had more.  I have weekly ones that I took with the belly covered but only 2 not covered.  One was from the beginning when I was just getting a rounded belly and one from around 30 weeks.  I'm regretting that.

She's had a cold last week so some days have been better than others

I'm feeling tired of being in maternity pants and feeling frumpy.  I'm ready to start working out, but the problem is it's too cold to walk and I don't have much time during the day.

Also I got a job! And I can bring Eleanor with me.  It's a few hours a day in the afternoons driving around a family member of Rob's girls.  I think I will have time to feed her in between pickups, but I kind of worry about her spending a lot of time in the car seat.  Luckily she doesn't mind being in it, but I'm paranoid about her getting a flat head.

So many pictures this week

Not feeling so good
I put her down facing the snail, vacuumed the hallway and came back 2 minutes later to find the had turned 90 degrees.

This girl always wakes up with a smile on her face.
I love those blue eyes
Pretty sure she's beginning the teething process

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