Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 4.5.13

Still looking for a job. Its getting really stressful. I'm doing all I can to save money, or reduce spending.
I pay for groceries with pop can returns or change (at the self checkout during slow times) &I don't turn on the heat (extra socks and blankets). I don't turn on the lights during the day (I open the blinds; it does strain my eyes a little at times) and I don't flush the toilet every time I go (yeah I know it's gross) How about I tell you I don't shower every day? Although that is more because I don't leave the house everyday and am lazy. 

I did manage to pick up some very sporadic babysitting. It's only a few times a month though so I am still going to need something more. Especially since we just paid the mortgage, car insurance and AT&T bill. Goodbye $1,700. Eeek! 

Speaking of AT&T, last week I called to try and get our Internet bill lowered. I spent TWO hours on the phone before hanging up. So after that I called and signed up with charter. When I called to cancel AT&T I spent six minutes on the phone. SIX! From the time I dialed to the time I hung up. I guess they didn't want my money.

And I'm pretty sure that I reached my company call quota for the year because yesterday when I got home from babysitting, in the mail was an explanation of benefits from the insurance company for the blood work I had done a few weeks ago. Not usually a big deal, but this one listed a former employer of Rob's. One that he hasn't worked for in over a year. So I call the number listed on it, they can't find it because we have Blue Care (which is a division of Blue Cross, which we used to have, but not the same), so they transfer me. Neither can find the claim in the system. So then I call the office that ordered the blood work, and they tell me they have the right information. Which they should, because why would they even have the old information? So then I call the billing department, who also is confused and see's nothing
for the date listed, and that I should just wait for a bill and if it comes to call them and they can resubmit it. So while everyone was nice and friendly, no one really could figure it out. So I guess I just to wait to see if I'm going to get yet another bill and spend more money.

I was telling Rob how I am still really stressed about money, and he keeps telling me it will be fine, and that it's good for us to figure out how little we can really live on. And we can pay our bills at the moment, but nothing is going into savings, and  before I stopped working my bank account was at the highest it has ever been, so that keeps dropping and that makes me feel sad.

My sweet niece on Easter

Easter was fun. It's a hodgepodge at my parents with family from both sides. Then of course is the Easter egg hunt. Now that there are kids again my parents do one again

When I was a kid my parents always had a huge Easter egg hunt. All of my cousins,
friends and kids of my parents friends would come. There was always at least 25-30 kids. We would always try to peek out the window to see where they were being hidden and then they would just throw candy all over the yard. My parents have a big (almost 4 acres) yard. Some of that wasn't used, and they do have a  garden, but probably close to 2 acres were covered in eggs and candy. They also have pine trees lining 2 sides of the property. I remember finding eggs into the summer. I wouldn't eat the candy, but the ones that had money were always fun to find.

Baby also got it's first gift yesterday. Rob's grandparents brought this over. It laughs like a baby when you touch it's toes. It's cute, and I love that they were so thoughtful.

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