Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Update 4.19.13 (lots of pictures)

1) Our nephew was born on Monday. Welcome to the world baby Gabe! I loved those newborn baby snuggles.  Now we have 2 nieces and 2 nephews.  Our baby will be the tie-breaker on both sides. 

2) Monday was also our anniversary.  We were a little busy with work, visiting the hospital and then going out to dinner that it was after 9 before we got home and I just forgot about it, so we actually took the picture on Tuesday.  I'm a little weird about not doing it on the exact day, but it's silly.  It's not like one day makes that much of a difference. 

3) I figured out how to add a link to my blog's facebook, twitter and my pinterest page using an icon.  I figured out how to do it before but I wanted to use the icon.  It took me a while to find html code to do it, because I have no clue how to write my own code, but then it was fairly easy.  I couldn't find a smaller image for pinterest though.  Visit them and like or follow them, and if you could click the 'we're on the fence button' I would appreciate it. If not I'll still like you.

4) With all the bad stuff that's been happening this week, the Boston marathon bombings, the explosion at a plant in Texas (although I think that was accidental), I am more thankful than ever for knowing that when I die I am going to Heaven.  Jesus saved me and I can have hope.
I don't want to have to suffer, who really does, but I know that in the end it will all be okay.  Not everyone can say that, and that makes me so sad.
I am reminded though in the stories I read about the good people that exist; the people who ran toward danger instead of away from it; the people who worked night and day to save and protect people.  I am  going to remind myself of that because I need something positive.

5) In weather related news, we've had rain here almost every, if not every day for the last several weeks.  As a result flood levels are high.  Like really high.  Higher than I can remember them every being and high enough that if it rains today there will be records set.  Here are some pictures (I didn't take most these; found them on local news sites and facebook)

Downtown Grand Rapids

April 2008; Taken by me

April 2013

6) This week was kind of a roller coaster week with the job.   I posted last week about how it was ending.  Then Monday there was a chance it could still work out.  Yesterday I found out it won't.  I understand budgets and not being able to pay me what I need.  I'm just not willing to work 9 days a month, some 8 hour, some 5 hours, starting at 6am until 3pm (on the 8 hour days).  It winds up being 5-8 dollars an hour.  I know I should have taken it because it's money, and I know Rob was annoyed that I asked for $500 instead.  My time is still valuable though, and I know what I am worth.  I'm hopeful I can find something.  It almost might be easier since with that job my scheduled would have varied so much (like different days every week).  I have no hard feelings that it won't work out.  I wish it could have, but budgets stink.

7) I won a cloth diaper and inserts from Imagine diapers and a certificate to Chelory this week.  Chelory has a hunting camo diaper which I probably am getting.  It is a one size which means it won't work in the newborn stage (baby needs to be 12lbs I think).  Rob asked me last night if I could find a newborn camo print and I am having a hard time.  I want to so badly since it's the first time he's asked for something like that.  I can find a few one-size, but no newborn.  It has to be hunting camo, not military camo. If you have seen one let me know please.
I have time, but it would be so perfect considering I am due on October 1st, which is opening day of bow season.  I did tell Rob that he could go out hunting if the baby hasn't come yet, as long as he doesn't go more than 30 minutes away and keeps his phone on him at ALL times.   I also told him that he won't be going up to deer camp with my dad and brother this year for opening gun day (November 15), because that would be an overnight trip.  I'm not sure I want to be overnight alone with a tiny baby.

8) And I've been thinking about birth announcements this week.  We ordered all our wedding stuff from vistaprint and I was really happy with them and we got a lot of free stuff as well.  One of the free things we got were photo magnets and I put an engagement picture on them and shared them with family.
Anyway so I was going to order the announcements from vista print because they are cheaper than shutterfly (where I would have otherwise). Then my smart self thinks to do magnet announcements and I can get them in a post card size and they are cheaper still than shutterfly.
Then yesterday I see a groupon for vistaprint.  $17 for $70 worth of stuff.  So I bought it.  It expired October 15.  I think I should be safe with that.  So I can get at least 50 announcements plus note cards for under $20.  Awesome!

9)  This is my latest craft project.  I like to start them and not finish them.  This is made from felt.  The little bucket stores the pieces, and is sewn on with embroidery thread.  I sewed it by hand because I didn't know if I had a proper needle for my sewing machine.  The potato head form is glued with felt glue to the sheet.  I just need velcro for the pieces. I'm proud of it so far.  It's the start of my quiet book.

10) Speaking of contests I am participating in my first blogger giveaway (see right sidebar).  They are free to participate in and I think it's cool too. I love sweeping so I love helping others find them as well as promoting them. 

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