Friday, April 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I haven't linked up with this in a while. 

Pregnancy cravings I had
(I really haven't had any cravings yet, as in I need (insert whatever it is) RIGHT NOW, but these things usually sound good)
1) Fruit
3) Pickles (I know right?)

Apps I use the most
1) Sprout Pregnancy (I like knowing what my baby is up to)
2) Nexercise (you earn points for exercising and you can redeem for prizes; I just stared using it last week).
3) Pandora (I put the ipod on the dock and play Spice Girls channel when I clean)

What makes me cry
1) When I think about all the support I got from people after talking about my losses, especially the ladies over on the bump.  They don't know me, don't even know my real name, but they rock!
2) The national anthem.  I know it's lame and I don't cry but I tear up at the sense of patriotism and how lucky we are to live where we do.  Yeah there is always hard times and problems, but we do have a lot more than other people. 
3) When I'm mad, angry, stressed, tired etc... Instead of yelling or screaming, I cry.

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