Monday, April 8, 2013

The Ultimate Blog Party 2013 #UBP13

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I've been seeing a lot of my favorite bloggers participating in this and so I thought I would check it out.  

I'm Kelly, I'm 27 and will be celebrating my second wedding anniversary next week.  I live in a small town in West Michigan.

I began blogging when we first started trying to get pregnant with our first.  It was completely private at that point (although I knew I would share it eventually).  After my first pregnancy loss I made it public to my friends on the bump, and after the second loss I made it public to the blogging world.  I didn't make it public to friends and family until just a few weeks ago, when I felt ready to share this pregnancy.

Blogging has been a great outlet for me.  I love reading others blogs and finding other people who have gone through the similar experiences and situations.  I tend to mostly read 'mommy' blogs, but I also enjoy reading diy and food blogs.

I hope to get more into review and giveaways and to be able to share my insight with others.

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  1. I am sorry for your losses.

    I found you through UBP13. But I am also a bumpie. It can be a small world after all. I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months.