Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday Five August 31 (A day late)

Holy moly!  How is summer over?

1) I finished my job yesterday.  5+ years are over.  I got there and there were streamers and balloons, and the chocolate fountain and fruit and pancakes etc....  I also brought donuts and balloons which they loved; I knew they would!  I got a card from the kids and one from L& J and I cried when I read it.  It was the sweetest thing.  J wrote how I may be a Urban by name, but I will always be part of the (Their last name) family.   I luckily read it after or I would have cried even more.  I did cry there.  I was doing fine until L started to tear up, so naturally I did the same.

2) Today is my sister's 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday Ali!

3)  I finished my table that I was working on, and it looks great.  I don't have a pic or I would post it.

4) I hate it when people do a photo shoot with their kids and then post all 200 pics.  I'm not a parent yet, but even then I don't anticipate posting that many.  I may only post half.  Ha, but really they aren't much different.  And on a related vent I don't like it when people buy a fancy camera and think they are a fancy photographer all of a sudden.  Then they proceed to post all these shots which really aren't that great.

5) So I like to enter contests, and I've won some decent things, but I've really been having bad luck lately.  Granted I haven't been entering as many, but I usually get a win or two a week, and nothing this week.

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