Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Five 9.7.12

1) First week of the new job went well. It's been tiring for sure.  I'm not used to being in charge of a 5mo and a 3yo, but it's a nice change.  The only downside is the pay cut, but other than that I am liking it.

2) I got pooped on, on Wednesday.  I don't know the last time that happened.  I thought it was funny, kind of a "Welcome to your new job, let me poop on you."  If he didn't have the sweetest smiles....

3) This show is on netflix now and we are watching it. Anyone remember this show?

4) I have majorly bombed at working out this week.  I'm probably worked out for about 30 minutes this whole week.  Usually I am at 300 at this point.  I'm bored of walking and the videos I used to use are no longer on netflix.  I need a gym membership, but I can't afford one.

5) I won a few random baby related things this week.  Where are my big prizes? ha.

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