Monday, May 12, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 31 weeks

Eating: We tried squash, green beans and orange slices.  She liked them all. The oranges were a hit but then Rob got nervous about her getting acid in the eye so I had to take it away from her. 

Nursing is usually every 3 hours now.  The only time it isn't is if I have to go somewhere or do something (such as being in the car for work or church) and won't be able to feed her.  Then I will feed her or try to feed her earlier (just to top her off).

Misc:  It was a busy week.  Rob's 30th birthday was this weekend plus mother's day.  She did really well with all the people at Rob's party other than the first few minutes when his grandma tried to hold her (she hadn't seen her since Thanksgiving) and it was just loud in there and overwhelming for her.  After I took her and calmed her down she was fine being passed around.

She's getting so close to crawling forward.  She kind of does thing where she gets on all fours and belly flops forward but I'm not really counting that.


It was a really rough week at the beginning.  Several nights in a row she would wake up in the middle of the night and just be wide awake for hours.  

Also it was so hot that I didn't use a sleep sack and it makes a difference.  She is so restless and all over the place.  See the images below. 

And then last night she slept for 9 straight hours, but didn't go to sleep until 10 pm.

First time in big girl jammies. 
And then there was this.  Cute at the time....until it actually came true. :)

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