Friday, May 2, 2014

~Lemongrass Spa Review~

Since being pregnant and Eleanor's birth, I've been trying to incorporate more natural based and products with chemicals that aren't as harsh into daily life.  It's a slow change, but I've been doing this with cleaning products and cloth diapers among other things.

One of the biggest changes I've been trying to make is with the things we use on a daily basis the most- body care products.  Especially baby stuff.  Eleanor's sweet baby skin is so sensitive and I don't love putting strong chemicals into contact with it (although I'm pretty sure nobody does).

So when I was contacted by Samantha, a seller of Lemongrass Spa products  I was intrigued.

I'd never heard of Lemongrass Spa, but was more than willing to give it a try.  They use no harsh chemicals and are gmo and gluten free as well.  They sell products for the entire family.

Samantha sent me baby lotion, baby wash, a jar of healing elements balm and some samples of a few other products for me (body polish, lip balm, bar soap and whipped body butter)..

I was really looking forward to trying the healing elements balm. It's good for so so many things.

Eleanor often gets rashes because she gets moisture in her rolls (and we know she has lots of those). She gets one under her neck and it's hard to keep it from chaffing and irritating her.   So I applied this several times a day to her neck and it really helped.  It's not completely gone - but I'm not sure it will be because of her rolls.  As a plus it smells good and reminded me of a cupcake.

This jar of balm will last a long time.  I've used it a lot and haven't really made a dent in it.

It was hard to see in the pictures (She was trying to take the camera and I had to act fast)  but it did clear it up.

Eleanor loves her bath time and she gets a bath most days.  So being able to have a product that is better for her skin and being able to use it on a daily basis is a plus!  I wasn't a huge fan of this smell.  I like those sweet scents and this had an earthy smell to it.  It's not a bad thing if you like and prefer that and I wouldn't not use it, because of it, but it would be great if there were scent options for it.

The lotion has the same smell as the healing balm and so I naturally loved it and it  makes me want to kiss my baby even more.  After her bath she gets a diaper on, lotion on, pajamas and then when it's almost bed time a sleep sack.  I could still catch a faint whiff of the lotion in the morning (12 hours later), which is impressive because she has become a warm blooded baby and sometimes wakes up sweaty.  Most of the lotion I use doesn't even do that. 

Oatmeal milk and honey soap, pink grapefruit body polish,
whipped body butter and pink shimmer lip balm. 

I was also sent a few sample sizes of some various products.  Every one of them smelled great.  I'm not normally a fan of grapefruit (to eat it and to smell it), but this scent was not overpowering and I didn't mind it.  I used it on some rough spots on my elbows and then post shower used the whipped body butter.  I don't know the scent of that but I loved it!  

The pink shimmer lip was very pink lemonadey (I know; not a word) and very perfect for summertime.  I loved it.  Rob didn't like him when I kissed him with it on my lips, but since he's not wearing it (hopefully, haha) I don't have to worry about it.  The tube is small, which is good for portability, but could be lost easily, and while I haven't run out yet, it seems like it wouldn't last a super long time. 

One thing that I thought was really neat about the products is that on the bottom there is a date that they were made.  The lotions and baby wash were made just days before I got them.  I like knowing that they haven't been sitting around a shelf for months.

 To check out all the other products Lemongrass spa offers you can shop here.

Samantha also has a facebook group where she shares sales, tips and ways that the products have worked for her and her family.  To join it click here.

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