Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eleanor is 7 months

7 months already.  We are more than halfway to a year and I look back at pictures and get sad that my memories are already fading a little.

She's become very mobile with scooting but only going backwards.  She hasn't figured out how to go forwards although she does get up on all fours and rock.

She can roll and turn herself to get where she wants also.

We've been doing solids and have tried several vegetables and a few fruits and she's been pretty good with everything she's tried.  No reactions yet.

No teeth yet.

Still breastfeeding about every 3 hours but really I just follow her cues.  Sometimes it's less and sometimes more.

She's moved up to size 3 diapers for disposables although I use cloth most of the time - expect if we are out of the house and Rob still uses disposables (but will take off a cloth).

Clothes are mostly in the 6-9 month range, pajamas with feet are in the 9 month size and when she wears a cloth diaper I go up to 9 month usually.

Likes the vacuum and anything anyone else has. :)

Last week I started to have some random stomach pain and I realized that it was near the c-section site and was most likely connected.  Since then it's been on and off.  I haven't had any issues from the time I was 'healed' (November ish) but I know it's normal to have some for a long time post surgery.

Still losing hair like crazy.  It's worse when I wear it down, and I usually don't but it get's out of control sometimes.  I have to vacuum all the time now that Eleanor is mobile (not that I didn't ever vacuum before)

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