Monday, January 29, 2018

Mallory's 2 year Update

My tiny peanut turned two last week!

At her checkup a few days after her birthday she was 23lbs (8%) and 31 inches (2%).  Shes in a mix of 12-18 month clothes currently. 

Her favorite foods are corn, macaroni, chicken nuggets, popcorn, and bananas. 

She loves to watch Blippi (her second birthday party theme) and Paw Patrol.

Coloring is a favorite activity.  It doesn't matter if it's with markers, chalk, a pen, or crayons.  She loves to scribble.  Also enjoys stickers. 

We weaned a few weeks before her birthday.  I was sad, but ready.  She asked for milk for the first week and a half but has been pretty good since. 

She is sleeping better.  Weaning seemed to be a turning point. She was in my bed every single night basically but since weaning it's only been a few times.  She will usually wake up and cry once or twice but it's brief and she puts herself back to sleep. 

She's very expressive and talks in big sentences and phrases (or what I think is big for a 2 year old).  She also has great receptive skills and sometimes I think she listens better than Eleanor. haha.

She's still a mama's girl, but I'm not really complaining about that.

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