Monday, July 4, 2016

Mallory ~23 weeks~

After I particularly frustrating night where I attempted several times to get her down and spent several hours doing so, I ranted on fb for support.  My kid at least isn't the only horrible sleeper.

The next night it still took a few hours and a few tries but she settled down much better in between.  It made a difference in my sanity and she was asleep by 11.  Which for her is good.

Naps are a little better too.  

I think we may start solids soon.   Like this weekend.  She's so interested and while I wanted to get to six months I don't know.  I'll start with purees and then go to real food after.  

Nursing has been stretching out too.  It seems like it anyway.

She's a baby on the go.  See here

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