Sunday, July 10, 2016

24 weeks ~Mallory~

Over the weekend she did pretty well at night. Saturday we were at my parents cabin and she went right to sleep.  The first time and didn't wake back up.  I was shocked!

Then she had a few rough nights.  Wednesday she took hours to get down at night, woke up a few hours later to nurse, then again a few hours later.  I was dragging yesterday.

BUT she took a nap that lasted OVER 3 1/2 hours.

We gave her carrots (pureed) this week and she loved it.  We waited until exactly 6 months with Eleanor, but I decided to do it earlier with Mallory.  She cried when I would take the spoon away.

I have let her lick a strawberry, banana and a piece of watermelon before though.

I got a lot of comments over the weekend about how she's a mama's girl and it's true.  I love it, yet would love if she would let someone else comfort her.  It makes it hard for me to leave because I worry.

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