Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Eleanor's 2 Year Update

Yeah-My sweet girl is 2 years old.

She knows basic shapes (heart, star, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, square).  She can sing the abc's but can only recognize one or two letters.  She can sometimes count up to 14, but more often than not misses or skips numbers, 

She sleeps all night most nights and falls asleep between 8:45/9 and wakes up between 7:15/7:30 (usually anyway).  She takes about a 2 hour nap most days. 

She loves to play with her muslin aden+anais blankets, her dolls and loves Daniel Tiger.

Her favorite foods are raspberries, cheese, and fruit snacks. Also  peanut butter, applesauce pouches, chips and salsa, green beans and carrots. 

Still rear facing in the car and no plans to change that. 

She has no interest in potty training, and went once on the toilet for my mom this summer but not since although she will sit on it (she get's an animal cracker if she sits on it) occasionally.  I kind of love her cloth diapers so I'm sad that a day will come she won't use them.  When she's in disposable she wears size 4. 

Although she can wear 18 month tops usually they are 2t/24 month (although they are sometimes a little big).  Pants are generally 2t/24 month.  A few 18 month fit, but they are usually short (in part because of cloth diapers).  Her pajamas are now the 2t/24 month although I think there are a few 18 month size left in the drawer (footie pajamas-2 piece would fit).

She loves to sing and sings all the time.  Her favorite songs to sing are 'baa baa black sheep,'  'b-i-n-g-o' the 'abc's', 

She's getting a little sass on her and becoming her own person. But sometimes she will show me she has the sweetest heart and if I'm sad she will say "its okay mommy"

She is so silly.  She makes up her own songs "abcdefg now I know my belly button" or "old mcdonald had a noodle"

At her checkup last week she was in the 20% for height and weight.

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