Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cabin Fever & Finances

I know it's not winter and I can leave the house, but more often than not I don't.
I choose not to leave the house because if I do I know that I will wind up spending money that I don't have to spend.

I am still searching for work, although thanks to a cousin of Rob's I have a one day a week thing which helps.  Any sort of income helps though. 

My student loans are paid pretty far ahead and I planned on using the money each month for other things, but last month things changed within the repayment plan and I had to start paying on them again. 

I still do my best to save money when I can.  Last week we had some interesting meal combinations because I didn't want to have to buy groceries, and I knew I could get us by.  I still avoid turning on lights if possible and I take showers at half water pressure to save on that.  I've tried to sell what I can, and I shop garage sales for maternity clothes when I find them.  I spent a little ($40) of money on clothes for baby girl, but other than those and a rock n play, which I talked the lady down to $30 (new $60) I've bought nothing for her.

I want to buy her stuff, but I just can't justify it yet.  Because we have the rock n play and a bassinet given to us, and I plan on her sleeping in one of those, I really don't even need to buy her a mattress for the crib yet.  So other than diapers, clothes (in the 0-3 month range) and a car seat I can't afford to buy her anything else at the point. 

Like I've said before we don't go out to eat very often and when we do it's usually because we have a gift card or it's happy hour and food is half off or something like that.   We do pay for the internet and netflix, but that it's.  The internet has been a resource for me.  I've found several ways to earn gift cards to amazon and get free things.

Most of the free things come from sweepstakes (and it has wound up reducing the amount we need for baby), but I get samples of stuff, and last week we saw a movie before it was even released for free because I saw it on a blog I follow and my local theater was participating. 

I have been working on this blog a little.  I've been participating in some group giveaways which are fun to do.

I've also been working on getting into a a few other blogging campaigns.  I was accepted as mom central blogger recently (Here) 

I also am participating in a buzz agent campaign for Dr. Scholl's foot gel inserts, and I'm looking forward to that one because my feet hurt more for sure because of pregnancy.

I just found out yesterday I was accepted into another campaign which is for dish washing pacs.  It's not exciting, but dishes are my most dreaded chore so anything that will make it easier will be beneficial. 

So with that aside, not much else is new with me.

I've posted before about other ways I make or save money online so I'll share that again. (Making money)

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