Friday, March 2, 2018

February Goal Update

These are the books I read this month (all links are affiliate links)

Some of the new things I made were very simple, but I'd never made them before so I'm still counting it.
  • Toad in a hole which is basically a piece of bread with a hole in it and then you cook an egg in it. 
  • Beef stroganoff and I used a stroganoff sauce mix so I'm not sure how much that counts.  
  • Steak fajitas.  I used the leftover steak from the stroganoff for these.  I've made chicken fajitas before but never steak.  I actually make my own seasoning blend so that counts for something right? 
  • Egg and Cheese Pancake.  I was trying to be creative with what was in the house and searched for savory pancake and found the recipe via pinterest.  It was a little dry but I used sour cream on top as recommended and thought it wasn't bad.  I'm not a big egg eater, but I'd probably make these again. 

I donated a few more bags of stuff to the thrift store and gave away some baby stuff to a friend. I've got 5 totes to go through and try to sell or do something with.

We had our February date at a hockey game,  I was to cheap to buy the tickets online because of service fees so I took the chance that we would get okay seats there.  We ended up getting amazing seats on the lower level 4 rows back near the corner where the goal was.  I would have paid more for seats on the upper level near the top had I bought them ahead of time.  The home team won in overtime so it was a good game.  I haven't been to a hockey game since before we were married I think and so I forgot how long of a game it was-It was 3 hours!  Between tickets, parking, and food it was like $100 date.  My parents watched the girls overnight (Mallory's first overnight without a parent) so we got to enjoy it.
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I'm 3 days ahead on my bible reading (as of today)

We still haven't paid off the Home Depot card, but that will be happening once we get tax money in.  And Rob is refinancing the house in order to lower monthly payments and then we will hopefully use that for some other credit card debt.

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