Saturday, August 26, 2017

Groupon Coupons

Summer is winding down in Michigan and with the season change it means a wardrobe rotation for the girls.  I got through Mallory's stuff and pulled in the clothes that were hand-me downs for Eleanor so she was set, but Eleanor was seriously lacking.  Almost all her pants were to short, and even going through the stuff we already had I needed to fill in the gaps. 

While I was nursing Mallory one night I did some online shopping at Target and stocked Eleanor up and felt like I got some pretty great deals. 

Of course just a few days later I learned about Groupon coupons.   I love Goupon because it's allowed me to do fun things like skydiving (!) and take my girls on a train ride.   Somehow I didn't know about Groupon Coupons though.  There are so many major retailers as well as smaller ones with extra deals and discounts-9,000 to be precise. 

I can see myself taking advantage of the Target groupon the most.  You can find deals for not only online shopping but in store as well (because who doesn't love a Target run) with Target Promo Codes & Coupon Codes
So lesson learned is to always check Groupon Coupons before shopping because you'll likely find a deal for what you need.  Cha ching!!!

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