Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mallory 9 months

Pushing closer to one.  Nooo!

Sleep at night is better.  She might be ip once or twice,   She settles down better, but naps are still not so great

Pants are 9 months, but onesies still are fine in the 6 month range.  Pants are short in 6 month but still a little long in 9 month.

She's in size 3 disposable's although occasionally I find a size 2 and it works.  Cloth diapers are either on the smallest rise or second size but because that varies in brands it probably won't mean much, lol.

She's waving now (and saying hi/bye), pulling up on things,  Mallory is so so close to crawling on all fours and she plays peek a boo.

She's finally figured out how to jump in the little play center/jumper toy.

 I checked her weight a few weeks ago and she was about 16 1/2 pounds, and I can't remember height.  She has her 9 month appointment Friday.

She's become a huge fan of bananas, pasta & ritz crackers.

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