Sunday, October 30, 2016

Eleanor is 3 YEARS OLD!!!!!

The precious girl who made me a momma turned 3.  3!  I mean it's cliche and every single parents says it but how did that happen?

Eleanor is a hoot. This girl is so silly.  She makes up songs and dances and gives me funny faces and I laugh with her every single day.

She's starting to turn into a threenager.  The terrible two's weren't so bad, but the three's will be a challenge because although she is so silly, she's got an independent stubborn streak.  She wants to do things herself and then flips out when she can't. 

She's kind of in between a size 2t and 3t with pants; shirts are pretty good with a size 3t.

Not potty trained yet, but making good progress.  She will go on spurts where she will pee her underwear a lot, but then has those moments where she just totally goes on her own.  At home I just let her go pantless which helps.  When she does have accidents it usually in settings shes not comfortable in or nervous at (like when we are out of the house)

She's not in preschool this year since she missed the cutoff by a week.  I mean we could have but I didn't think it was necessary for her to have three years.  She knows her shapes, colors, recognizes most letters,  She can count to 15 maybe and I'm working on writing letters. 

Her vocabulary is super impressive to me.  I mean as her mom I guess I have to say that but still I'm constantly amazed at what she says sometimes. 

We started her in dance last month.  We wanted her to have some sort of structured activity since she doesn't have any (other than storytime).  She's enjoying it so far and is actually excited about it. 

She is an amazing big sister.  She's sweet and helpful and loves Mallory. 

At her check up recently and she was right around 30 lbs and 36 inches.  That puts her in the 25 percentile for height and 50 percentile for weight.

She doesn't nap often anymore, although most days I think she should still needs one. She sleeps usually around 9-10 hours a night.

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