Friday, May 13, 2016

16 weeks: Mallory

Still not a fan of napping.  I don't know how she doesn't need to sleep as much.  Or actually she does but she hardcore fights it. Although this last week there were like 2 days where she took great naps that lasted like 2-3 hours. Otherwise it's a nursing nap or a car nap (which stops as soon as the car does).  Yesterday we walked to the gas station and she slept on the way there which I anticiapted. 

Still going well.  I thought I was heading toward a clog duct yesterday but I pumped the other side and nursed her on the clogged side and I took care of it.  It was morning when I pumped, which is generally when I'd get the most, but I got 5 oz in 20 minutes which is good.  I don't often pump since I don't need to, so I probably only have 40 oz saved total, but that's enough for now. 

She's strying to roll over I think.  She'll roll onto side(when she's on her back) and act like she's trying to get all the way over.

I also walked out of the room yesterday and came back to find her feet were facing a different direction.  She had scooted her self a quarter turn. 

She's putting toys/blankets in her mouth when she can and drooling all over my shoulders.  Like my shoulders are always wet.  Or drooling on my arms.  I don't love it, but I just wipe it off.  Rob hates it.  He hates that feeling so much. lol.

She also keeps trying to sit forward.  She's going to have some strong ab muscles.   See picture right below. 

We had Mallory's baby dedication on Mother's day.

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