Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Coming to an end ~ Rob's getting surgery!

After 7 1/2 rough months, Rob's final surgery is going to be tomorrow


This has been such a long journey-for both of us.  I know that it's been extremely frustrating and exhausting and painful for Rob, and at times I haven't been the most supportive. I've tried to be, but have had my burnout moments.

I've been frustrated, exhausted and drained as well.   It's really hard to function when you have to be 'on' all the time.  A break to me is running to the grocery store for milk alone.  That's a whole 20 minutes of freedom.  Rob's been better about helping but it's still nothing I can rely on.

We've fought a lot lately.  I hate it, and I know it's just a result of circumstances.  The fights are because I'm without free time and overwhelmed.   I feel so isolated without friends.  When I see all my friends doing all these fun things and I am sitting home I hate it. I hate feeling left out and jealous.

It's been stressful trying to balance everything, and more often than not I fail.

I'm stressed about money because bills are adding up to insane amounts already, and surgery 3 hasn't even happened.  I know things will work out and we will survive.  We have been blessed with so much generosity and things will be alright.

So some good prayers and vibes that this surgery will be exactly what he needs to finally get better.

His will.

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