Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring/Summer Bucket List

Now that Eleanor is older I'm really looking forward to getting out and doing fun things this summer with her.  Most of these are things we've already done, but a year older means she's going to have more fun! 

1) Whitecaps Baseball Game.  This was one of the very first dates Rob and I went on. We went to a few the summer of 2013 before Eleanor was born but last year was tough because the games were either to late at night or fell during naptime.  This year I think it would be okay to push back a nap.

2) John Ball Zoo.  I took her a few times last year thanks to coupons and my sister in laws membership, and while she thought the flamingos were fun and was intrigued by the monkey's.

4) Beach.  There are many so beaches around here because in under an hour we can be at Lake Michigan.  Last year we went to this county park (thanks to a free coupon) which has a man made lake and it was perfect.  It was calm and quiet (although we went on a slightly overcast Sunday so that may have played into it).  There was even a splash pad and a playground.

5) Visiting my parents cabin.  We went Memorial Day in 2013 and that was the last time I was there because by Labor day I was a month away from my due date and just wanted to be in my nice comfy bed.  Last year it flooded and was unusable all year.  Now that they are done  restoring it I look forward to it.  Not so much the mosquitoes and keeping her away from the river though.

6) Town & Country Days.  This is our local community festival.  I took her last summer to the parade and walked around a little bit with her, but it was hot and loud and although she seemed to enjoy the parade it will be better this year.

7) Library Summer Reading Club.  I always participated in this as a kid and thought it was fun.

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